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Physical Architecture

As shown in the previous figure, the OpenVolcano physical architecture is composed of the following building blocks:

  • OpenFlow Switch (virtual) - Quake: Software OpenFlow switch implemented according to the OF 1.3 specification. The switch connects the Virtual Machines (VMs) hosting the Service_Apps and the Network Functions (NFs) hosting the Net_Functions among them and to the external network.
  • Virtual Machines: Virtual Machines (VMs) are the execution environments for the Service_Apps chains.
  • Network Functions (NFs): NFs are software instance residing on servers. They provide network services such as firewall or NAT. The firewall and NAT NFs are part of the Cone module.
  • Servers: The servers run the Virtual Machines, the Network Functions and one instance of the Quake switch.
  • OpenFlow switches (physical): Connect the servers via the Quake switches.
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