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New release candidate 2 available: rc2022-06-26 "Igor". upgrade now! [52.1] (what's this?)
New release candidate available: 2022-06-26 "Igor". upgrade now! [52] (what's this?)

Installation guide

Before going to the next steps please assure to meet all the dependency requirements

Download the latest OpenVolcano Version

  1. Ordered List Item Create a working directory (WD) where all the code will be downloaded and move inside it. For instance:
    $ mkdir /workspace
    $ cd /workspace
  2. Ordered List Item Download the latest version of the OpenVolcano installation scripts:
    $ git clone

    Now inside the “WD/openvolcano” folder, you have subdirectories: “config”, “script”, and “test”.

  3. Ordered List Item Be sure the script files have the executable bit set:
    $ chmod +x scripts/*.sh
  4. Ordered List Item In the WD run the install scripts to install the code locally:
    $ ./scripts/
    $ ./scripts/

    Now you have a directory named “src” with the sources of the openVolcano modules.

Build OpenVolcano

To build the main logical building blocks (StratoV and Caldera) you have just to run the corresponding script:

$ ./scripts/



You can disable the build of one or more specific modules: Example: Disable the Lava and Magma modules.

$ scripts/ --without-lava -–without-magma


$ scripts/ --without-modules=lava

To update the source code from the repository:

$ scripts/


$ scripts/
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